Jicama Blueberry Salad with Apple Poppyseed Dressing


I’ve thought every week about how the menu is missing out on an apple salad. Crisp apples are a must-have in any salad repertoire! Unfortunately, they would also brown and soften if kept in a jar. Well, #wheretheresawilltheresaway, my friends. I’m creating an apple-themed salad this week.

First, jicama. It’s crisp, milky, sweet, and, most importantly, does not brown. Its solid texture absorbs flavors well, which will do the trick, when tossed in our apple vinaigrette.


Paired with some sweet blueberries.


And nutty edamame- do you see the resemblance?


Pearl couscous. Satisfying little spheres.


Radish. Just look at the wee little “apple slices!”


Spiced pecans–because spice anything is apple’s middle name–and a treatment of nutrient dense seeds.


And…dried apple rings. Finally, the apple! Yes. Yeeeesssssss.


There is always a tense suspense for me, as I toss it all together, hoping for the flavors to come together for some Salad Magic.

Let’s take a second here. You have to admit, isn’t this kind of…*fun*?!

New to this week’s menu, The Appleseed.







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