Thai High Salad with Coconut Cashew Ginger Dressing

The Thai High is my teachers pet of a salad. I can’t help it, I just have to admit how much I enjoy preparing this one.  It’s got a fresh blend of vibrant flavors, not to mention its bold colors- but, where it’s really at is in the Coconut Cashew Ginger dressing. This stuff is so tasty I could just grab a spoon and sit down with a bowl of it.



The party starts with a thin slaw chop of carrots, purple cabbage, red pepper, and celery.


And moving on to the DRESSING. ALL CAPS.


Don’t be deceived by the small creamy dressing cup by your saladside.  The flavors are complex- creamy, nutty, then you’ve got the bite of the ginger and garlic, the freshness of the lime and cilantro, and the after-heat lingering of the crushed pepper.DSC_0562


Coconut milk, ginger, garlic, lime, cilantro, cashew butter*, sunflower seed butter*, red pepper flakes.  Blended with some olive oil and rice vinegar, and we’ve got our fix.

**Peanut butter would be another option here, but I choose to go with a blend of cashew and sunflower seed butters.  The cashew butter alone was too creamy next to the already creamy coconut milk, but mixed with the salty sunflower seed butter the flavors are perfect. The swap makes the dressing paleo-friendly, and since peanut allergies are so common, it eases the Mama-side of my mind about working with it.


Drizzle it on. Or pour it over. Either way, you’ve got your

Thai High



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