Berry Coconut Kale Salad

I’ve been into brainy food this week.  My google search bar has been busy looking for the best foods out there for brain health.  I was jotting down a list, and when I saw walnuts, coconut, blueberries, kale, flax seeds, I thought: salad!

Thank you, food, for being so tasty, and medicinal, at the same time.

This dosage of nuts and seeds is packed with omegas, and rich in the healthy fats that your brain needs.

img_8455Add in some of our antioxidant and vitamin C rich friends, berries! And, the salad star: kale! Folate, iron and magnesium rich, kale is also high in omega-3s!

img_8454And the final touch on this brain fueling recipe is a creamy strawberry poppyseed dressing.  Because, strawberries and cream are two flavors that love each other.

img_8453Toss it all together, grab a fork, and enjoy treating your brain to a delicious and creamy

Berry Boost


Berry Coconut Kale Salad

feta cheesewalnuts
pumpkin seeds 
flax seeds
chia seeds 
shredded coconut
dried cranberries 

Creamy Strawberry Poppyseed Dressing:
Equal parts of:
Greek yogurt (OR coconut yogurt, dairy free option)
Frozen Strawberries 
Olive Oil 
Apple Cider Vinegar 
1 tbsp. poppyseeds 
Pinch of salt

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