FAQsFAQsFrequently Asked Questions

  • How does payment work?
    • Payments can be made during delivery; by cash, check, or card. Online payments (including auto-pay) can be set up via Venmo or invoicing. Please let us know if you’re interested in paying online.
  • Can I customize my salad?
    • We are glad to work with your dietary preferences. Please specify your needs on the registration form. Accommodations changed? There’s the option to update your info each time you order.
  • What happens if the salad goes bad?
    • Our salads are assembled fresh on the morning of your delivery. With proper storage and refrigeration, we have found the salads to keep for up to five days. As with all produce, some may perish quicker than others. If it smells spoiled before the end of the week, don’t take chances–toss it! We’ll work with you to figure out what went wrong and to make it right.
  • How are deliveries scheduled?
    • We try to arrange a convenient time for each of our customers, however scheduled delivery time is largely based on your location and where it falls along the delivery route. We have had customers leave coolers outside, with ice packs, to receive the salads if they won’t be home for delivery.
  • How do jar returns work?
    • We’re glad to pick up the jars and lids at the end of the week, during delivery. We appreciate if they’re rinsed out before pick up, but it isn’t necessary. All our reusable packaging is sterilized before its next use.
  • Any commitment to ordering each week?
    • Nope! Give us a try, gift a week to a friend, go on vacation. We’ll be here with your fresh salads when you’re ready to order again!
  • What if I want to gift someone with a delivery?
    • What better than to share the gift of a week of fresh salads! We’re glad to help you out. Just let us know with your order that it’s going to someone else. We’ll be in touch to sort out the details.
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