Meet the hard working salad team!


Franklin is my always-incredible husband. Daddy to our four (goofball) kids, and full time co2 technician, Franklin’s been my #1 Support Man. He has a kitchen reputation of being the Kale Master.


Yolanda is my Dad’s wife, and my Kitchen Right Hand. She works full time in the Whole Foods Bakery, and jumps in to help me in the Salad Kitchen. Her support, kitchen experience, and hard work to help me launch my business have been invaluable.


Samuel is a recent local high school graduate, and we’re proud to have him while we can; he has recently enlisted to serve in the US Army. He makes all of our jobs easier by helping with the chopping and food prep, and also works hard to keep our kitchen workspace clean.


And, I’m glad you’ve met my team, before me- I couldn’t do this without them! I’m Mary, owner of Salad Shares. I love mothering my little gang, gardening, and running. I’m inspired by good eats and health, flavors, and having a little fun with food. I want to make eating fresh, healthy foods delicious and easy for each of my customers.

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Photo Credits of Meet the Team to: Brandon Davis

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